Courtesy of Gary Pearce
Jim Hunt on the night he was first elected governor, November 2, 1976. Left to right: Dennis Rogers of the News & Observer, Joel McCleary with the “Carter for President” campaign, Hunt’s campaign press secretary Gary Pearce, and assistant press secretary Mike Davis.

About the Exhibit

“James B. Hunt Jr.: A Legacy of Leadership” was curated, designed, and produced by the NCSU Libraries and was on view in the James B. Hunt Jr. Library on NC State University’s Centennial Campus in early 2014.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Gary Pearce, whose book Jim Hunt: A Biography was an invaluable resource. Thanks also to his research assistant, Lisa Pace, who was instrumental in locating photography and tracking down answers to questions that arose as we created this exhibit.

The Libraries would also like to acknowledge the individuals and institutions who provided images and videos for the physical and online exhibit. Thank you BlueRidgeKitties, Duke University Libraries, Jeff Goldberg/Esto, Governor Hunt, Randy James, Charlie Jones, Library of Congress, The News & Observer, North Carolina Biotechnology Center, North Carolina Museum of Art, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Gary Pearce, State Archives of North Carolina, and UNC-Chapel Hill University Libraries. Requests for reproductions of images used in the exhibit should be submitted to the individuals or institutions that provided them.

Hunt with his biographer Gary Pearce
Photo by Charlie Jones
Jim Hunt and Gary Pearce, 2010.


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