Sociology Research Guide

Finding Data and Statistical Information

Polls and Surveys

Opinion polls and attitude surveys are a rich source of information for researchers. You can use these resources to replicate previous studies and identify effective questions and questionaires. The data may be used to support hypotheses. Many polls and surveys conducted by magazines, associations, and institutions are included in the Statistical Reference Index.

Compendium of American Public Opinion
D. H. Hill Tower stacks HN90 .P8 G56 1988 (4th floor)


Gallup Poll Monthly, no. 291-438, 1989 to 2002
D. H. Hill Tower stacks HM261 .G35 1994-2002 (4th floor)
Satellite Shelving Facillity HM261 .G35 1989-1993
Current information from


Index to International Public Opinion, 1978/79 to date
D. H. Hill Reference HM261 .I552 (latest five years, Reference stacks;
1998/99 is the latest published (7/05))
D. H. Hill Tower Stacks HM261 .I552 (4th floor)


Public Opinion Polls - Cornell University
Internet resource

Machine Readable Data Files

The GSS (General Social Survey) is an almost annual, "omnibus," personal interview survey of U.S. households conducted by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC). The first survey took place in 1972 and since then more than 35,000 respondents have answered over 2500 different questions.

The mission of the GSS is to make timely, high-quality, scientifically relevant data available to the social science research community. Key features of the GSS are its broad coverage, its use of replication, its cross-national perspective, and its attention to data quality. The special features of the GSS follow from its unique origin as the first, perhaps only, social science data set designed to be analyzed by "users."


NCSU is one of over 300 members of the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) which collects and distributes social science data in machine-readable form. Available data include attitude surveys, crime surveys, public opinion polls, and census data.


United States Census Data
The Census Bureau's web site provides excellent coverage for United States social, demographic and economic information. The majority of the 2000 Census data has been released in electronic form only. Older census data is available in the NCSU Libraries in print and CD-ROM formats. For further information inquire at the Ask Us center.


The job of STAT-USA, an agency in the Commerce Department, is to deliver vital economic, business, and international trade information produced by the U.S. Government to you so you can make an important decision that may affect your business, your career, your community, or your personal finances.

The two primary focuses of STAT-USA are domestic economic information, and U.S. foreign trade data.


LINC (Log Into North Carolina), is a service provided by the North Carolina State Data Center. LINC contains statistics relating to North Carolina and its political subdivisions, on such topics as population and housing, vital statistics, law enforcement, employment and income, transportation, and agriculture.