Print Indexes and Abstracts: Microbiology Subject Guide

Following is a list of print indexes and abstracts to the journal literature. They are especially useful for accessing the older scientific literature.

  • Advances in Genetics (1947-)
    D. H. Hill Lib QH 431 .A3
  • Advances in Microbial Ecology (1977-)
    D. H. Hill Lib QR 100 .A36
  • Applied Science and Technology Index (1958-1995)
    D. H. Hill Lib Ref T10.7 .A88 (older years in Bookstack Tower)
  • Agricultural Index (continued by the Biological and Agricultural Index)
    D. H. Hill Lib S1 .A1811 (8th floor Book Stack Tower)

    Agricultural Index covers journal articles, as well as selected agricultural experiment station publications, selected state Department of Agriculture publications, and U.S.D.A. publications from 1916-1964.

  • Annual Review of Genetics (1967-)
    D. H. Hill Lib QH 431 .A1 A54
  • Annual Review of Microbiology (1947-)
    D. H. Hill Lib QR 1 .A5
  • Bibliography of Agriculture (1942-)
    D. H. Hill Ref S 1 .B515

    Bibliography of Agriculture is an index to journals and selected agricultural experiment station and extension publications owned by the National Agricultural Library. You may search for references by subject or author. Corresponds to the AGRICOLA electronic database.

  • Biological Abstracts (1926-1998)
    D. H. Hill Ref QH 301 .B37
    Older years located on 7th floor for the Book Stack Tower.

    Most comprehensive index and abstracts of reasearch journal literature in the life sciences. BA indexes over 8,000 journals. You can search by subject, by genus-species name, by biosystematic classification, or by author.

  • Biological Abstracts/RRM (Reports, Reviews, Meetings) (1980-1999)
    D. H. Hill Ref QH 301 .B37t

    Covers books, reviews, and meetings in the life sciences.

  • Biological & Agricultural Index (1964-1999) (continues Agricultural Index)
    D. H. Hill Ref S1 .A1811 (older years in Bookstack Tower)
  • Bulletin de l'Institut Pasteur (1903-1998) (See also later title: Microbes and Infection)
    D. H. Hill Lib R108 .P27

    Indexes review articles in microbiology.

  • Chemical Abstracts (1907-)
    D. H. Hill Ref QD 1 .C4

    Chemical Abstracts (CA) can be searched in a variety of ways. Use the CA's Index Guide to determine the correct name to use for your organism(s) in CA's Subject Index.

  • Critical Reviews in Microbiology (1971-)
    D. H. Hill Library QR 1 .C11
  • Current Advances in Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology (1992-1995)
    D. H. Hill Library QR1 .C8
  • Current Advances in Microbiology (1984-1991) (See also later title: Current Advances in Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology)
    D. H. Hill Library QR1 .C8
  • Cumulated Index Medicus (1960-) (continues Quarterly Cumulative Index Medicus (1927-1959))
    D. H. Hill U.S. Documents HE 20.3612/3:
    Veterinary Medical Library Reference Z6660 .I422
  • Genetics Abstracts (1968-1998)
    D. H. Hill Ref QH 431 .G427
  • Microbes and Infection (1999-)
    Electronic access only
  • Microbiology Abstracts. Section A. Industrial & Applied Microbiology (1972-1998)
    D. H. Hill Library QR 1 .M55

    Previous title: Industrial Microbiology Abstracts (1959) QR 53 .I53
    Then called Microbiology Abstracts. Section A, Industrial Microbiology (1966-1971)
    D. H. Hill Library QR1 .M55

  • Microbiology Abstracts. Section B. Bacteriology
    D. H. Hill Library QR 1 .M553

    From 1967-71, it went by the title Microbiology Abstracts. Section B. General Microbiology and Bacteriology.

  • Microbiology Abstracts. Section C. Algology, mycology and protozoology
    D. H. Hill Library QK 564 . M5
  • Quarterly Cumulative Index Medicus (1927-1955) (Continued by Cumulated Index Medicus)
    D. H. Hill Library Z6660 .A51
    Also available in D. H. Hill Microforms Room (1927-1956)
  • Science Citation Index (1945-1995)
    D. H. Hill Ref. Q1 .S325
  • Soils and Fertilizers (1938-1995)
    D. H. Hill Library S590 .I38

    A CAB (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International) abstract journal with references to soil microbiology.

Please note that the NCSU Libraries will not have some of the journals indexed by these indexes and abstracts. To see if we have the journal you need, use the NCSU Libraries catalog to search for the journal title.