Guide to Finding Theses and Dissertations

General Information

Whether a thesis or dissertation published at NCSU is available online or in print depends upon the publication date:

  • 2002-present: Generally available online only
  • 1997-2002: May be available online or in print
  • Prior to 1997: Generally available in print only

The NCSU Libraries collects theses and dissertations completed at NC State University. The majority of the printed collection (pre-1997 and some 1997-2002) is located on the 5th floor of D. H. Hill Library. The call number area is LD 3921.

The call numbers take the format LD 3921. Dept. Name .Letter/#
[Example: LD 3921. Adult Educ. .B271]

NC State Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Since 1997, students at NC State have been able to submit an electronic version of their thesis or dissertation. On April 22, 2002, electronic submission became required. These materials are searchable in the catalog as well as the digital repository.

Can't Find What You Need?

Contact Ask Us for assistance.  Although all NCSU doctoral dissertations and master's theses should be included in the Libraries' collection, some master's programs require other types of papers or projects that are not administered by the Graduate School, and these may not be always be archived in the Libraries collection.

Searching for Theses and Dissertations at NC State

Option 1. Do an ANYWHERE search in the catalog in the following format: Theses TOPIC
Example: Theses Information Technology

Option 2. Do a SUBJECT HEADING search in the catalog in the following format: North Carolina State University Theses

Variation on Option 2: If you know the department name, it can be added to the end of the Subject Heading search.
Example: North Carolina State University Theses Adult Education