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Information for Librarians : The Instruction Toolkit database

During the 2004-05 academic year we have been working to redesign and reconstruct the web presense for the Curriculum Integrated Instruction program. This effort has also coincided with an attempt to better organize the instruction documents that we use during teaching sessions. We have begun placing our instruction documents online for three reasons.

  • To allow NCSU faculty to browse library instruction materials for use in their classes and illustrate to them the components of our instruction program
  • To provide electronic copies of handouts and presentation slides to students who increasingly request them
  • To better facilitate sharing ideas and content among librarians at NC State

In order to facilitate online access to instruction documents, we have developed a metadata repository for instruction documents. The staff involved in the curriculum integrated instruction program have developed a relational database model tailored to our local instruction program. Librarians enter information into the database and upload their documents to a web server so that they can be accessed online in a dynamic browse environment.

The Dublin Core metadata scheme forms the foundation for our database model because it is the instruction document that exists at the center of this portion of the online environment. The standard Dublin Core set of sixteen elements is well suited to our task because it was designed for online materials and provides a framework that meets our basic requirements:

  • A method for uniquely identifying individual documents;
  • Providing the framework for enhanced access in a browsable environment; and
  • The ability to create relationships among instruction documents


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