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Information for Librarians : About our Program

An overview of the goals and objectives of this instruction program can be found at the about Curriculum Integrated Instruction page.

One of the philosophies driving our program is that instruction and information literacy must take place within the student's world. Through partnerships with academic departments and faculty at North Carolina State University librarians appear in guest lecture sessions in student classes. Sessions by librarians are coordinated in a systematic manner that aim to progressively build competencies through the student's time at the University. Lectures and assignments by librarians are carefully designed to match the information skills of students in their specific year of study.

Part of our effort to move our instruction program into our patron's world involves helping them meet their strategic goals and objectives. Consequently, our own instruction objectives are aligned with the accreditation requirements for the departments with whom we partner. Librarians involved in the Curriculum Integrated Instruction program regularly monitor the outcome requirements for accreditation organizations such as ABET. In playing a role in the larger educational mission of NCSU, we make sure that librarians take part in helping students develop the information skills they will need to be successful.

Students must have a basic understanding of how information is identified and defined by experts, structured, organized, and accessed, in both the print and digital environments. Mastery of communication arts and information skills is central to engaging in the productive life of academic and professional communities.

From the Rationale for NCSU Undergraduate Requirements for Writing, Speaking and Information Literacy.