Media Resources for Design: Design Research Guide

Librarian: Karen DeWitt

The Design Library has an extensive collection of media items as well as equipment you can use. More equipment and excellent help is available afrom the College of Design's Computing department, or at the Ask Us center in D. H. Hill Library. This page is a general guide to what we have and links to finding it in the Libraries' catalog. As a general rule, all media items (DVDs, CDs, etc.) circulate for 1 week. If you have questions, please email me, or ask the Design Library staff.



We have a growing collection of movies, especially animation. You can watch the movies in the Design Library (we have a DVD player and VCR, as well as two televisions) or you can check them out and take them home to watch.
Movies in the Design Library

The main library and the other branch libraries also have movie and video collections as well; some you may be able to check out, and others you may have to watch at the main library.
Movies at all NCSU Libraries



The Design Library also has a growing collection of games for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. We have game consoles and controllers you can use in the library, along with wireless headsets. You can also check out games and take them home and use them on your consoles.
Games in the Design Library

DVD Tutorials

We have a number of tutorial DVDs from various companies that you can use to learn more about specific programs. We have tutorials from Gnomon Workshop, Digital Tutors, Adobe Press, etc. The best way to search for tutorials is to search for the title of the program you are interested in. You may get books with dvds in your results as well, but they should also be useful. You can certainly also search by publisher if you are interested in a particular publisher's tutorials. Here are a few sample searches:
Creative Suite
Gnomon Workshop

Digital Objects, Textures, and Backgrounds

We have a number of DVDs with 2D and 3D digital objects, backgrounds, and textures that you can import into your work, whether it's games, animations, or renderings. Most of these are published by Dosch, and searching for the publisher is the easiest way to find them:

Sound Effects

The Design Library also has a number of sound effects libraries. These CDs have various sound files you can use in an animation or game. If you're looking for a particular sound, you may want to do a search for that sound (ie. "auto" or "explosions") and "sound effects." You can also come to the Design Library and browse the cds. Here is a listing including most of the sound effects libraries:
Sound effects

Pattern and stock image sources

We have several series of books that include patterns or images you can use in graphic design projects. The most useful ones come from two series- one published by Agile Rabbit, and other published by BNN. These books include both the images on paper, and also a CD with digital versions of the images. Copyright information is included in every book.
Agile Rabbit books
BNN books

Equipment in the Design Library

We have a large flatscreen TV, connected to a DVD player, and you can also connect the PS3, Xbox, and Wii game consoles to this TV. We have a small TV with a built-in VCR, and you can watch vhs tapes on this machine. We have both wired and wireless headsets so you won't disturb other people in the library.
We have equipment that you can check out; currently we have:

  • GPS unit
  • iPod
  • Camera
  • Flip camcorder
  • Xbox 360 console and controllers
  • PS3 console and controllers
  • Wii console and controllers

Much more is available at the main library; see below:


Equipment you can borrow

D.H. Hill Library has an extensive collection of equipment you can borrow. The IT Lab in Brooks Hall in the College of Design also has a great deal of equipment you can borrow. Both places will have people who can help you with the equipment.
Equipment and devices to borrow from the Libraries
Computing in the College of Design

The Digital Media Lab in D.H. Hill Library

The Digital Media Lab in D.H. Hill library has equipment for creating and working with material in all types of digital formats. There is also a Usability Lab which can be used to evaluate interface design.
Digital Media Lab