Article Databases for Design Students : finding journal articles: Design Reseach Guide

Librarian: Karen DeWitt

Why you would want a Journal Article

If you are looking for any current trends, hot new designers or architects, individual buildings or projects, or the most recent information on a subject, you will probably be better off looking for a journal article, rather than a book.

Finding a Journal Article

There are several indexes to journal articles that are useful for design, and you use them all pretty much the same way:

  • First, locate the index
  • Next, look up your topic in the index
  • Then, find out if NC State has the journal you want
  • Finally, get the article

The three main indexes for Design

The three main indexes we have for design are the Art Index, the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals and the Design and Applied Arts Index.

Art Index

The Art Index indexes approximately 400 or so journals in the areas of Advertising Art, Antiques, Archaeology, Architecture and Architectural History, Art History, Computers in Art, Crafts, Decorative Arts, Fashion Design, Folk Art, Graphic Arts, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Motion Pictures, Museology, Non-Western Art, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture, Television, Textiles, and Video. The online version covers back to 1929.

Avery Index

The Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals indexes architecture, archaeology, city planning, interior design, and historic preservation in over 2000 journals published worldwide, with coverage on some journals back to the 1860s.

The Design and Applied Arts Index

The Design and Applied Arts Index (DAAI) covers all areas of design and craft, including industrial design, vehicle design, architecture, interior design, environmental design, furniture design, textile design, graphic design, typography, multimedia design, design and craft history, design and craft theory, design and craft education and design management.

Which Index to Use?

The NCSU Libraries have put together lists of useful databases/indexes for most subject areas. They cover the main databases for the area, plus provide lists of related databases, and other, broader databases that might be useful. Click on the links below to see the recommended indexes for your subject:

Other Resources

There are many, many more indexes available, and depending on what you are researching, you may find some of them useful. You can either use the browse subjects option to look at the most important resources for any given subject, or go to the Find page to search by resources by a particular type.

Find the journal in the library

  • Use Full Text Options to see if NCSU Libraries has the journal

    Most databases will have a Full Text options link in them. This will show up as a link that says "Full text options" or a button that says "Find Text at NCSU". To find the article, click on the button or link in the record for the article you want, and new window should pop up. At the top of the window it will list the citation for the article. On the next line it will give links to any full-text online copies of the article. The next line should give you a link to our online catalog; if you click on that link, it will do a search in the catalog for the journal you want. If we don't have the journal, the next line in the box links to Tripsaver/ILL, and they can get you a copy of the articla from another library.

  • If there's no full text, search for the title of the journal (not the article!) in our catalog

    A few of the databases do not have a full text link. For those databases, you need to search our online catalog to see if NC State has the journals that the articles are in. Do a search for the title of the journal (not the title of the article). If you have a journal with a very generic name such as "Architecture" or "Landscape Architecture" you may want to do a journal title search. This will limit your search to only journals and magazines, and hopefully make it easier to find what you are looking for. Be sure to ask the library staff for help if you have any problems.

  • If we have the journal, find it on the shelf.

    Be sure to check where your journal is located. All journals in the Design Library are organized alphabetically by title, not by call number. Current journal issues are in the low shelves in the center of the library. Older, bound issues are arranged against the outside walls of the library. And many of our older volumes are in storage, which means that you need to request the volume. You'll see a link in the catalog record that says "Request Item".

    Journals in the main library, DH Hill, are in the current periodicals section in the west wing, and bound volumes are in the stacks.

  • If we don't have the journal, request it from Tripsaver/Interlibrary Loan

    Use the link in the full text box that's titled "Tripsaver." You'll need to login using your Unity ID and password. If you've never used Tripsaver before, you'll need to register, and provide your address and especially, your "Pickup Library," which will be where you want the article or book delivered to. If you've come directly from the article database, Tripsaver should fill out the form for you. Otherwise, you'll need to select whether you want an article or a book or some other material, click on the link for that material, and fill out and submit the form. Tripsaver will let you know when an item comes in, or if they can't get a copy of it.

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