Data Storage

Storage Locations for University Data

Google Drive (Unlimited)

  • Supported by Google
  • Backed up securely
  • Accessible via web browser

NCSU Drive (5 GB)

  • Supported by NC State
  • Backed up securely
  • Requires drive mapping, not accessible via web browser

Andrew File System (AFS) (2GB, option to purchase additional space)

  • Supported by NC State
  • Backed up securely
  • Accessible on-campus (via Unity computers) or off-campus (via FTP or VPN)

OneDrive (via Office 365) (1 TB)

  • May not be secure
  • Supported by Microsoft

Amazon Web Services

  • NC State offers discounted access to AWS through an agreement with DLT Solutions, a government authorized re-seller
  • Fee-based
  • Must request access from NC State OIT

Other Cloud Storage Services (e.g., Dropbox)

Sensitive Data

NCSU's Office of Information Technology (OIT) has developed a series of guides within the Data Sensitivity Framework to assist in the security and integrity of university data, including research data.

Long-term Data Storage

NC State does not have a ready-for-deposition long-term storage option for research data. We recommend that you use multiple forms of storage and backup and consider using a disciplinary data repository or a general data repository for long-term curation and sharing of data. 

NC State's Office of Information Techology (OIT) support for Research Data Storage and Data Security: