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Standard & Poor Net Advantage Database image. Resource includes company profiles, industry surveys, and stock reports




What it is:

  • An online database of Standard & Poor's publications related to financial markets and investing.

What you can expect to find:

  • Extensive profiles of publicly traded companies including financials, executives and officers, reports on relevant industries, competitor listings, 5-star ratings of stocks, valuation, brief analyst research notes, and company news.
  • Basic financials, business descriptions and ratios on international companies can be found in Compustat International Fundamentals Publication.
  • Mutual funds and ETF information.

Some useful things you can do:

  • Download company financials for working in Excel; download PDFs of company profiles.
  • Look up an industry and find information on its current environment, trends, how it operates, key ratios and statistics, and how to analyze a company in that industry.
  • Find current economic briefs, insights, trends, and projections under the Industries section.
  • Screen funds based on criteria like fund family, S&P ranking, and others.
  • Find security dealers in North America.


  • This resource usually has very current information and does not provide historical content (e.g., historical stock information). See instead, this FAQ.

Content sources:

  • Standard and Poor's Stock Reports, Company Profiles, Industry Surveys, Corporation Records, Register, Stock Guide, Bond Guide, Earnings Guide, The Outlook, Dividend Record, and Compustat International Fundamentals

Available Tutorials:

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