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What it is:

  • A full-text database of U.S. and Global industry market research reports.

What you can expect to find:

  • In-depth, regularly updated industry reports for over 700 United States NAICS-classified industries at the 5 digit level. Reports range from 25-45 pages in length, and include statistics, industry structure, product & customer segmentation, performance analysis, major players & market share, external drivers, 5-year forecasts with forecast analysis, etc.
  • The Business Environment Database contains more brief reports but provides information on key drivers and influencing factors (sensitivities), which are responsible for change in a given industry.
  • Limited company information.

Some useful things you can do:

  • Gain a quick narrative overview of the broader industry in which a company or product/service category exists.


  • Current subscriptions do not include the Australian or Chinese database content.

Content sources:

  • Reports do not provide a complete list of references. Statistical references are sometimes cited in text and are sourced from government sources, news, and trade publications.