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Specific Country Profiles and News

Global Insight

  • International Financial Statistics (IMF)
  • Country Reports

Business Source Complete (U.S., Int.)

  • Country Reports

World News Connection 

  • Full text news from around the world

Corporate Affiliations

  • Screen for foreign parent companies or subsidiary companies

Country Studies (Library of Congress)

International Business and Marketing Research

Esri Demographics - Tapestry Market Segmentation System helps you understand the unique characteristics of a population based on a specific location. Discover trends in consumer spending, crime indexes, traffic counts, retail marketing and retail outlets, market potential and other significant business data for countries worldwide.

Frost & Sullivan is an in-depth market and industry research database with global coverage of various high-technology sectors.  Reports are available in four categories:  Industry, Technical, Economic, and Applications for Growth.  Date coverage is from 1998 through the present, updates as new reports are produced.

Euromonitor GMID is a global market research database providing demographic, economic, and marketing statistics with political, economic, and lifestyle indicators for North America and Asia-Pacific countries.

International Trade

U.S. Customs

Foreign Trade Statistics (US Census Bureau)

TradeStats Express (Int. Trade Administration, US Dept. of Commerce)

Market and Trade Data - Food and Agriculture (USDA Foreign Agricultural Service)

FAOSTAT (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN)

International Minerals Statistics and Information (USGS)

UN Regional Statistical Programs

UN Statistics Division (United Nations)

UNESCO Institute for Statistics

UN Economic Commission for

Non-Governmental Organization Publications & Statistical Programs

LABORSTA (International Labour Office)

More Recommended Resource Lists

PrivCo (business and financial research on non-publicly traded corporations - international data is included)

World Factbook (CIA)

International Business (Library of Congress)

Global Edge (MSU)

Resources for International Business (Rutgers)

OFFSTATS (University of Aukland Library)