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WebpageCountry Studies (Library of Congress)


International Trade

Webpage U.S. Customs

Webpage Foreign Trade Statistics (US Census Bureau)

Webpage TradeStats Express (Int. Trade Administration, US Dept. of Commerce)

Webpage Market and Trade Data - Food and Agriculture (USDA Foreign Agricultural Service)

Webpage FAOSTAT (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN)

Webpage International Minerals Statistics and Information (USGS)

UN Regional Statistical Programs

Webpage UN Statistics Division (United Nations)

Webpage UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Webpage UN Economic Comm. for

Non-Governmental Organization Publications & Statistical Programs

 OECD iLibrary

  • This resource is the publications portal of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and consists of three sections that include Books and Reports by Theme, Periodicals, and Statistics. OECD, based in Paris, France, is a forum permitting governments of industrialized democracies to study and formulate policies in all economic and social spheres.

Webpage LABORSTA (International Labour Office)

More Recommended Resource Lists

WebpageWorld Factbook (CIA)

Webpage International Business (Library of Congress)

Webpage Global Edge (MSU)

Webpage Resources for International Business (Rutgers)

Webpage OFFSTATS (University of Aukland Library)