Searching and Browsing for Books: Bioethics Research Guide

When you're first starting to search the online catalog for good books on your topic, you might be tempted to do a keyword search for your subject. However, searching "subject headings" is an even better way to get books that are sure to be about a particular subject. The subject headings are assigned to every book when it is cataloged, and describe, using a controlled set of terms, what the book is about. Below are some major subject headings relevant to bioethics.

Agriculture -- Moral and ethical aspects
Animal rights
Animal welfare
Biology -- Social aspects
Environmental ethics 
Ethics, evolutionary
Laboratory animals -- Moral and ethical aspects
Medical ethics
Research -- Moral and ethical aspects
Science -- Moral and ethical aspects
Science -- Social aspects 

If you would rather browse through books and journals in the library's bookstacks, first you need to know where to start. Because bioethics is such an interdisciplinary subject, books and journals are scattered throughout the Libraries' collections. However, the call number ranges listed below should be of some help to you in finding areas with relevant books. Remember that, in general, when you find a good book on a topic, the ones near it on the shelf will probably be "near it" (or similar) in subject. To find out on which floor these books are located, check the in the elevators and online.

BJ1-1725 [Ethics] 
BJ1298-1335 [Evolutionary and genetic ethics] 
BJ1725 [Professional ethics] 
GE42 [Environmental ethics] 
GE195-199 [Environmentalism.  Green movement] 
GF75 [Human influences on the environment] 
HV4701-4959 [Protection of animals. Animal rights. Animal welfare. Animal experimentation. Anti-vivisection] 
Q175.35-175.5 [Science -- Moral and ethical aspects. Science -- Social aspects] 
Q180.55 [Research -- Moral and ethical aspects] 
QH332-333 [Bioethics. Biology -- social aspects] 
R723-726 [Medical ethics] 
SF405.5-407 [Laboratory animals]