Bioethics Research Guide

Librarian: Carol Vreeland

Bioethics as a subject area can be defined as narrowly or as broadly as the circumstances demand.  Many researchers consider "bioethics" to be limited to the moral, social, and ethical implications of human medicine and research on human subjects.  This can include implications of human cloning and genetic manipulation, euthanasia, human studies research in medicine and psychology, and eugenics.  Others view "bioethics" in the larger sense, as the moral, social, and ethical implications of any action as it relates to biological species and/or systems, including (but not limited to) human and animal health, the environment, and agriculture.  This is sometimes called "life science ethics."

This research guide will help you get started doing basic library research into bioethics in the broad view.  Included in the guide are suggested terms and call number ranges for searching the online catalog or browsing the bookstacks, the top databases to search for article citations, and some major print and online resources available to NC State students, faculty, and staff.