Reference: Agriculture Research Guide

Guides to the Literature

  • Information Sources in Agriculture and Food Science. Lilley, G. P. 1981.
    D. H. Hill Ref S494.5.I47 I53 1981 Natural Resources S494.5.I47 I53 1981
  • The Literature of Animal Science and Health. Olsen, Wallace C. 1993.
    D. H. Hill Ref SF22.5 .L58 1993 Vet Med Ref SF22.5 .L58 1993


  • Encyclopedia of Agricultural Science. Arntzen, Charles J., and Ellen M. Ritter. 1994. 4 v.
    D. H. Hill Ref S411 .E713 1994 Vet Med Ref S411 .E713 1994


  • The Agriculture Dictionary. Herren, Ray V., and Roy L. Donahue. 1991.
    D. H. Hill Ref Desk S411 .h37 1991

    Illustrated. Good for laymen or professionals.
  • Dictionary of Agriculture: From Abaca to Zoonosis. Lipton, Kathryn L. 1995.
    D. H. Hill Ref S411 .L55 1995

    Has good appendices.


  • Crop Protection Reference (CPR) (serial). Earlier title: Crop Protection Chemicals Reference (CPCR).
    Published: New York: C & P Press. D. H. Hill Library has 1985-1994, 1996-present.
    D. H. Hill Ref Desk SB950.9 .C76 (current volume. Earlier volumes are in the bookstack tower.)

    An agricultural chemicals reference source. Product information is prepared by participating manufacturers. Includes ingredients, precautionary statements, application instructions, worker protection requirements, and more. Also includes indexes for brand and company names, product category, and pest use; a table of state registrations; and a list of state pesticide control officials.

    Note: Daily updates of labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's) are available at
  • Farm Chemicals Handbook (serial). 2000.
    D. H. Hill Ref Desk S631 .F37 v.86 2000
  • Handbook of Agriculture. Yuste, Mari~Paz, and Juan Gostincar. 1999.
    D. H. Hill Ref S493 .Y87 1999
  • Handbook of Animal Science. Putnam, Paul A. 1991.
    D. H. Hill Ref SF65.2 .h36 1991 Vet Med SF65.2 .h36 1991
  • The Insecticide, Herbicide, Fungicide Quick Guide (annual revisions). Page, B.G., and W.T. Thomson. D. H. Hill Library has 1971, 1977-present.
    D. H. Hill Ref SB951 .I49 (current volume. Earlier volumes are in the bookstack tower.)

    Arranged with each group of pesticides cross-referenced to the crop for which they are registered for use. The back of each pesticide section gives an alphabetical listing of the chemicals, with the pests each one will control. Includes conversion tables.

  • North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual (serial). Published by North Carolina State University, Division of Continuing Education. D. H. Hill Library has 1970-1978, 1980-1985, 1987-1998, 2001-present.
    D. H. Hill Ref Desk SB951 .N69 (current volume. Earlier volumes are in the bookstack tower.)

    Covers the selection, application, and safe use of agricultural chemicals. Most data is arranged in tables. Also includes a section on the preparation of specimens for identification.

    Note: The current North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual ( has been placed on the Web by the Center for Integrated Pest Management, NCSU.
  • The Pesticide Manual: A World Compendium. 12th ed. Tomlin, C.D.S. 2000.
    D. H. Hill Ref Desk SB951 .P434 2000

    Impartial reference work "on the active ingredients in products for the control of crop pests and diseases, weeds, animal ectoparasites, and pests in public health." Coverage includes beneficial microbial and invertebrate agents. Entries include chemical structure, physico-chemical properties, applications/uses, environmental and toxicological data. Also has a Latin-English glossary of target species. For professionals.