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Common Types of Assignments

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On-Campus Resources

  • Writing & Speaking Tutorial Services

    Individual appointments available for undergraduates working on any type of writing. Website includes some online resources plus links to other campus resources for writing.

Thesis or dissertation

Online Resources

  • Dissertations (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

    This handout focuses on process and psychological aspects of dissertation writing rather than research or formatting. Includes a bibliography and list of helpful websites.

Print Resources

  • Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day : A Guide to Starting, Revising, and Finishing Your Doctoral Thesis (Joan Bolker) -- D.H. Hill Stacks: LB2369 .B57 1998

    An often-recommended guide to dealing with the psychological aspects of dissertation writing, such as motivation and writer’s block.

  • Guide to Writing Empirical Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (David G. Garson) -- D.H. Hill Stacks: LB2369 .G27 2002

    Written by an NCSU professor of public administration, this books deals with writing projects based on quantitative research. Major topics include topic selection, literature reviews, developing models, and working with data. Includes checklists for each step.

  • Theses and Dissertations: A Guide to Planning, Research, and Writing (R. Murray Thomas) -- D.H. Hill Stacks: LB2369 .T458 2008

    This book is particularly geared toward candidates in the social sciences, with a focus on methods of collecting and presenting data used in those fields. Stage-by-stage advice including planning checklists.

  • Writing Your Thesis (Paul Oliver) -- D.H. Hill Stacks: LB2369 .O55 2008

    In addition to chapters on the major sections of a thesis, this book includes a lot of advice about working in academia more broadly, with topics such as publishing, oral examinations, and “the role of the supervisor.” Also gets into the specifics of organization, grammatical conventions for theses, and formatting.


Online Resources

Print Resources

  • Proposal Writing across the Disciplines (Brian R. Holloway) -- D.H. Hill Stacks: HF5718.5 .H627 2003

    This books starts with the principles of proposal writing in business, then applies those principles to writing academic proposals and grant applications. The format focuses largely on examples, with discussions of how they work.

Research paper

Online Resources

Print Resources

  • The Craft of Research (Wayne C. Booth) -- D.H. Hill Stacks: Q180.55 .M4 B66 2008 (other versions available)

    A widely recommended resource focused on developing research problems, argumentation, and the (nonlinear) process of writing a research paper. This book is intended for researchers at all levels.

  • Researching and Writing : Across the Curriculum (Christine A. Hult) -- DH Hill Textbook Collection: LB2369 .H84 2006 (other versions available)

    An overview of research in different disciplines, including general discussions of what inquiry means in different fields, explanations of library resources, and discussions of primary research. Includes chapters modeling research assignments in science / technology, social science, the humanities, and business.

  • Research Methods: Planning, Conducting and Presenting Research (Ann Sloan Devlin) -- DH Hill Stacks: Q180.55 .M4 D48 2006

    Aimed specifically at students with semester-long projects in the social sciences, this book covers the research process as a whole rather than just the writing aspects. Topics include practical considerations like navigating the IRB and managing data.

Annotated bibliography

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Literature review

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Lab report / scientific research report

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Book review

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Online Resources

Print Resources

Other types of assignments

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