Where do I search to find out if there is a standard on my topic?
Use the IHS database (NC State only). Note that the NC State University Libraries has standing online access to only 2 sets of standards through IHS (ASME and UL). Any other standard discovered via IHS must be ordered through Tripsaver.

You can also search IHS Global Engineering Documents.

What if the NC State University Libraries does not have a standard that I need?
If you are a current NC State University faculty, staff, student or affiliate, the NC State University Libraries will purchase a standard (if it is not already owned by the Libraries) and have it available to you within three business days.
Use Tripsaver to order.

How do I order a standard if I am not affiliated with the university?
You will have to purchase the standard.

Contact the organization that developed the standard or IHS Global Engineering Documents

How do I find out the status of my request?
Contact Tripsaver