Where things are in the Design Library

Call Numbers

Books in the Design Library are arranged by Library of Congress call numbers. Some of the most used call numbers in the Design Library are:


H Social Sciences
HD Land Use
HE Transportation
HT Communities

LD Theses (generally LD3921)

N Visual Arts
NA Architecture
NB Sculpture
NC Drawing, Design, Illustration
ND Painting
NE Print Media
NK Decorative Arts
NX Arts in General

S Agriculture
SB Plant culture, Landscape Architecture
SD Forestry

T Technology
TA Engineering, Civil Engineering
TH Building Construction
TR Photography
TS Manufactures, Packaging, Industries
TT Handicrafts, Arts and Crafts

Z Books, typography, libraries


For a complete listing of Library of Congress Call numbers go to http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/lcco/lcco.html

Most people aren't familiar with Library of Congress (LC) call numbers before they start college. The LC call number system isn't that difficult to use, but it can be confusing at first. All LC call numbers start with one or two letters, and so everything is alphabetically arranged by those first couple of letters; A before B, N before NA, then NB, then NC, and so on through the alphabet. Once you've found the right letter, then within that letter you need to find the correct number. So if the call number of the book you're looking for starts out NA737, you first look for NA, and then the NA700s, and so on. The most common mistake people make is not to look for the numbers sequentially. Often, someone looking for NA737 will go into the stacks and find NA7300 and search for their book in that area, when in fact, within any given letter, the books are in number order, so that after NA700 comes NA800, NA900, NA1000, NA2000, NA3000 and so on - NA700 will be a long way before NA7000. As always, ask the library staff if you have problems.

Reference Books

Reference books are located in two places: Ready Reference, directly in front of the circulation desk in the low bookcases, and Reference, behind the circulation desk.

Reserve Books

Reserve books are also located on the front of the first row of shelves at the north end of the library. They are organized by professor's last name. In the case of two professors teaching a course together, and with a joint list of books, we will generally choose one name to place the books under. Borrowing periods for reserve books are designated by the professor who puts them on reserve. You may use any reserve book in the library without checking it out. To take a reserve book out of the library, you will need to bring it to the desk and check it out. If you want to check out a reserve book that a professor has designated as non-circulating, you must get the professor to give permission, and have him or her notify the library either by phoning us or writing a note for you to bring to the library.


Large folios are in special folio shelving along the wall at the northern end of the library (towards Hillsborough street).

Small books

Very small books (they will have "sm bks" in the call number) are shelved on the low shelves in the middle of the library, near the rocking chairs and coffee table.

Design Material Collection

The Design Library has started a very small materials collection. These items are located in the low shelves in middle of the library, near the rocking chairs and coffee table. They can be checked out for one day

Videos, DVDS, and CDs

Videos and dvds are located on the first row of bookcases at the north end of the library (towards the wall), and also in the slide room. All cds are in the slide room. We have two tvs, a vcr, a dvd player, and headphones which can be used to view videos and dvds in the library.

Journals - the exception to call number order

Journals in the Design Library are shelved alphabetically by title, not by call number. Current journal issues are on the low shelves in the middle of the library, and bound volumes of journals are shelved along the outer walls of the Design Library.

Image Collection

See the following pages to locate slides/images:
Image Collection
Design Library Image Database

Design books in other NCSU locations

Unfortunately, due to lack of space, not all books that relate to design are in the Design Library. There books on architecture, art, design, photography, landscape architecture, and so on in the main library, D.H. Hill, and also in the Satellite Shelving facility. Be sure to check the records in the online catalog to find out exactly where the item you're looking for is located. Also, design is a very interdisciplinary area; you may find books that relate to your subject in the Hunt Library, or the Natural Resources Library, or at other places on campus. It's very unlikely that you could get everything you will need for all your classes without going to another library at some point.

You can request a book in another library at NCSU be sent to the Design Library for you. Log on to Tripsaver and fill out the appropriate form, or ask at the Design Library desk for help.