Historical Newspapers

D. H. Hill Library has back issues of selected newspapers on microfilm. These are primarily major newpapers from large cities, or local newspapers. There are two main approaches to finding articles in old newspapers: Searching with indexes (if available) and Browsing in a logical time period.

NCSU Libraries Catalog
Search the library catalog for the title of a particular newspaper to find print or microfilm holdings. To find out what newspapers are available here from a particular city, do an L.C. Subject Search. For example:
raleigh (n.c.) newspapers

Examples of major newspapers held at D. H. Hill are:

  • New York Times
  • News and Observer
  • Times (London)
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post

Newspapers on Microfilm
View D.H. Hill newspaper holdings by title, by date, and by region.

Indexing to historical newspapers
Most older newspapers do not have useful indexing. Usually, it is necessary to use other sources to identify the place and time of an event to enable effective browsing of microfilm during for the dates likely to yield articles of interest. Often, it is useful to use an index to a major paper such as the New York Times to help in narrowing down a time period, before browsing for articles in a local paper.

News and Observer Indexes
Indexing for the Raleigh News and Observer is scattered, having been put together by different agencies at different times.

New York Times Index (1851-2005)

Provides fully searchable electronic access to the New York Times from 1851-2003. Includes full image of the actual newspaper articles. Illustrations and advertisements are included.

Accessible Archives
This product contains searchable full text of selected 19th century newspapers, including a collection of African American newspapers.