D.H. Hill Library Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities allow donors to support the NCSU Libraries in a meaningful way and to receive permanent recognition in the attractive learning spaces of the D. H. Hill Library, the James B. Hunt Jr. Library and the branch libraries.  The following items are opportunities that exist at the D. H. Hill Library, and there is a separate set of pages for opportunities at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library.

Gifts of the following amounts, which could be pledged over a three-year period, entitle the donors to permanent name recognition for themselves or in memory or honor of a loved one. A broad range of giving opportunities are available, enabling donors at all levels to participate.

For further information about supporting the Libraries, please contact Leia Droll, Executive Director of Development at (919) 513-7033 or ledroll@ncsu.edu.

Special Collections Research Center $2,000,000
Learning Commons $1,000,000
Special Collections Reading Room $750,000
Gallery ($500,000) and Conservatory ($250,000) $600,000
Learning and Research Center for the Digital Age $500,000
Theater $350,000
Preservation Laboratory $150,000
Assembly Room $150,000
Multimedia Seminar Center $100,000
Visualization Studio $100,000
Special Collections Seminar Room $50,000 (RESERVED)
Astral Study Bench $30,000 (RESERVED)
Presentation Practice Center $25,000
Learning Commons Group Study Room (2) $25,000 each (1 RESERVED)
Graduate Student Collaboration Rooms (2) $25,000 each

Other Ways to Support the D. H. Hill Library

Student Group Study Rooms (13) $15,000 each
Faculty Research Studies (60) $15,000 each (4 RESERVED)
Special Collections Service Desk $15,000 (RESERVED)
Conservatory Light Sculpture $15,000 (RESERVED)
Gallery Exhibit Cases (black cherry) (15) $5,000 each
Tables in Special Collections Reading Room (8) $5,000 each (3 RESERVED)
Large Atlas Stand (black cherry) $4,000 (RESERVED)
Tall Computer Stand (black cherry) (2) $4,000 each
Lectern Desk/Podium $3,500
Gallery Studio Benches (black cherry/leather) (2) $3,000 each
Nelson Marshmallow Sofas in Learning Commons (2) $3,000 each
Dictionary Stand (black cherry) $2,500 (RESERVED)
Brass Lamps in Special Collections Reading Room (8) $2,000 each
Frank Lloyd Wright Lamps in Learning Commons (3) $2,000 each
Gallery Chairs (4) $1,500 each (4 RESERVED)
Study Carrels/Workstations (106) $1,000 each (11 RESERVED)
Chairs in Special Collections Reading Room (64) $750 each (13 RESERVED)
Eames Chairs in Learning Commons (8) $500 each (8 RESERVED)
Bricks (on walkway near main library entrance) $150 (Red) and $250 (White)