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Become a permanent part of NC State by naming an engraved brick.

Buy a brick to honor someone important in your life or to recognize a favorite team, club, or association. Bricks are popular with NC State alumni, graduating seniors, and current students. They make great gifts!

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Please note that brick production takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks from the date of order.

Overlooking the Brickyard, the entryway to D. H. Hill Library has become the default meeting place for students gathering for study groups or catching a breath of fresh air. On a good day, over 14,000 students, staff, and faculty pass through this entryway to study and do the research that’s at the core of NC State. Almost every one who passes through notices the inscriptions on the tapestry of bricks lining the entrance to the library. Each brick leaves the mark of a generous donor who supports the NCSU Libraries. The names, dates, and phrases on each brick carry the stories that continue to enrich our lives at NC State.

Behind the Brick

Mike Blue, 72, Amicus

“Amicus” is the Latin word for friend, one of the key attributes brick-donor David Hiscoe (NC State Class of 1971, 1975) wanted to honor about his close friend Mike Blue (Class of 1972). “Mike was incredibly smart, the sort of physics-genius smart that you find in a lot of NC State technology students. He was also driven by a strong sense of fair play and kindness.” But most of all, he was just a good friend to a very large group of people. Says Hiscoe: “He once gave me his sleeping bag in Linville Gorge when mine got wet; he was just an incredibly decent, thoughtful guy.”  Reaching into his wallet and taking out a worn picture displaying four young friends from July of 1972, Hiscoe recounted his quintessential tale of collegiate growth and friendship as if it occurred yesterday.

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