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  • Toxic Release Inventory Sites
  • Louisiana Toxic Release Inventory Sites 2004
  • EPA Toxic Release Inventory Sites

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  • Superfund and Toxic Release Inventory Sites, Point or polygon geo-location of federally designated superfund sites in Wisconsin. Usually geolocated via on screen digitizing against DOPs (could be geo-located via GPS). Source year of DOPs vary, Published in unknown, 1:4800 (1in=400ft) scale, Wisconsin DNR - Bureau of Remediation and Redevelopment.
  • Superfund and Toxic Release Inventory Sites - MO 2010 Superfund Sites (SHP)
  • Superfund and Toxic Release Inventory Sites, Periodic Update for mapping purposes., Published in 2006, 1:24000 (1in=2000ft) scale, Louisiana State University.

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    Air Quality, Environment, EPA Envirofacts, Hazardous Wastes, National Atlas, Superfund Sites, Water Dischargers, Water Pollution, Water Quality

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    National Atlas: Environment DataDates Vary National AtlasUnited States Varies Metadata Link
    Toxic Release Inventory Locations with 1995 VOC Releases
    1999 Conterminous United States 1:2,000,000 Metadata Link
    EPA BASINS: USEPA Toxic Release Inventory Facilities in the United States
    1998 EPA BASINSUnited States 1:100,000 Metadata Link