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NC OneMap3 Results
  • North Carolina Rail Facilities, 2nd Quarter 2016 - NC Department of Transportation
  • North Carolina Rail Crossings, 2nd Quarter 2016 - NC Department of Transportation
  • North Carolina Rail Track, 2nd Quarter 2016 - NC Department of Transportation

  • \"ArcGISEsri Maps & Data Group (Recommended for Layer Package downloads)
    5 Results beginning with...
  • USA 113th Congressional Districts
  • World Countries (Generalized)
  • USA 114th Congressional Districts

  • All ArcGIS Online content
    1204 Results beginning with...
  • Imagery with Labels
  • Terrain with Labels
  • PoliticalBoundaries

  • \"\"430 Results beginning with...
  • USGS Small-scale Dataset - North American Atlas - Political Boundaries 200406 Shapefile
  • North American Atlas - Railroads - Direct Download
  • CalWater 2.2

  • \"Trimble0 Results

    NCSU Data Collection

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    Bathymetry, Boundaries, Congressional Districts, Continental Shelf, Countries, County Boundaries, Elevation, Federal Land, Glaciers, Indian Lands, Minerals, Mines And Mineral Resources, National Atlas, North American Environmental Atlas, North America Political Boundaries, Ocean Floor, Official Protraction Diagrams, Oil, Oil Facilities, Populated Places, Population Density, Precipitation, Public Land Survey System (PLSS), Railroads, Rivers, Roads, Sea Ice, Shaded Relief, State Boundaries, Time Zones, Wilderness, Wilderness Preservation System Areas

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