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  • North Carolina Rail Crossings, 4th Quarter 2015 - NC Department of Transportation
  • North Carolina Rail Tracks, 4th Quarter 2015 - NC Department of Transportation
  • Manufactured Gas Plants

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  • Leads
  • Lead (Pb) in Europe
  • Lead_Inspection

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  • Campus Safety and Security Survey, 2013
  • TIGER/Line Shapefile, 2015, 2010 nation, U.S., 2010 Census 5-Digit ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA5) National
  • New York City Leading Causes of Death

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  • USGS DRG Topo Lead, SD
  • USGS DRG Topo Lead Mountain, CA
  • USGS DRG Topo Lead Mine, WV

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    TitleDateSorted in Descending OrderCollectionExtentScaleMD
    National Atlas: Biology DataDates Vary National AtlasUnited States Varies Metadata Link
    NTAD: Non-Attainment Areas: Lead
    2004 National Transportation Atlas Databases (NTAD) 2004United States, Puerto Rico  Metadata Link
    Geochemical Atlas: Lead (Pb)
    1998 National Geochemical AtlasConterminous United States 1:5,000,000 Metadata Link