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  • Geologic Faults
  • Geologic Dikes

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    All ArcGIS Online content
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  • Preliminary GDF Site Locations
  • Landslide in Washington State: October 2009: Complete Data: Base Map, Faults, Geology
  • KYOneGeology_24K

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  • Detailed Fault Maps Hoquiam, Vancouver, Yakima, and The Dalles 1 x 2 Quadrangle, Washington
  • Idaho Active Faults
  • Table of field observations of fault rupture and ground deformation features following the Mw 6.0 South Napa Earthquake of August 24, 2014

  • NCSU Data Collection

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    Bathymetry, Cliffs, Craters, Dikes, Faults (Geology), General Geology, Geologic Formations, Geologic Maps, Ice, Ice Cliffs, Levees, Map Scan Images, Minerals, Rock Strata Outcrops

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    TitleDateCollectionExtentScaleSorted in Ascending OrderMD
    NC Geologic Mapsvaries NC Geologic MapsNorth Carolina and extends into neighboring states NULL Metadata Link
    Geology - North Carolina (1:250,000)
    2007 NC OneMap - 11/30/2009North Carolina 1:250000 Metadata Link
    Geology - Dikes
    1998 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina 1:250000 Metadata Link
    Geology - Faults
    1998 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina 1:250000 Metadata Link
    CGIA: Faults
    1985 CGIANorth Carolina 1:250,000 Metadata Link
    Lithochronologic Units and Mineral Deposits: Normal Faults
    2001 Lithochronologic Units and Mineral DepositsSub-United States 1:1,000,000  
    DCW: Physiography Layer - By 5 Degree Tile
    1993 Digital Chart of the WorldWorld 1:1,000,000  
    DCW: Physiography Layer - By Country
    1993 Digital Chart of the WorldWorld 1:1,000,000  
    USGS: Faults
    1971 USGS GeologyConterminous United States 1:2,500,000  
    South Carolina Piedmont and Blue Ridge: Faults
    2001 South Carolina Piedmont and Blue RidgeSub-United States 1:5,000,000 Metadata Link
    World Energy Project: Geologic Contacts, Faults and Bathymetric Contours (line)
    1999 World Energy ProjectWorld 1:5,000,000 Metadata Link
    ArcAtlas: Faults
    1996 ArcAtlasWorld 1:11,000,000  

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