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  • National Wetlands Inventory - Map Service
  • Fish Community Sampling Sites
  • Natural Heritage Element Occurrences (October 2015)

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  • U.S. Forest Service - Wildfire Hazard Potential
  • AAFC Plant Hardiness Zones, 2000 (tiles)
  • Plant Hardiness Zones of Canada

  • \"\"1729 Results beginning with...
  • FWS Critical Habitat for Threatened and Endangered Species Dataset
  • Landuse/Landcover Web Services
  • LandSat-Based Land Use-Land Cover (Raster)

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       Other Data Sources, incl. Commercial and International: NSGIC GIS Inventory  |  CIESIN World Data Center

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    Biodiversity, Ecoregions, Ecosystems, Evolution, Global 200, Global Rarity, Habitat, Oceans, Polygons, Species Endemism, Species Richness

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