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  • USDOC NOAA Global Surface Wind Observations
  • Atmospheric Penetration (754) 1990-2010
  • Natural with Atmospheric Penetration (742) 1990-2010

  • \"\"9247 Results beginning with...
  • Climate Data Online (CDO)
  • USGS Map service: Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise
  • Internet Weather Source

  • \"WeoGeo1 Result
  • NASA Earth at Night - 2012

  •    US Government Maintained Portal:
       Other Data Sources, incl. Commercial and International: NSGIC GIS Inventory  |  CIESIN World Data Center

    NCSU Data Collection

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    Base Maps, Climatology, Clouds, Earth Cover, Ice, Imagery, Map Scan Images, Meteorology, Sea Ice, Weather

    TitleDateSorted in Descending OrderCollectionExtentScaleMD
    World Cloud Free2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006World 1:3,500,000 Metadata Link
    Earth with Clouds (5 km) - NASA (layer)2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006World 1:18,500,000 Metadata Link
    Earth with Ice (5km) - NASA (layer)2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006World 1:18,500,000 Metadata Link
    World with Clouds2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006World 1:18,500,000 Metadata Link
    World with Ice2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006World 1:18,500,000 Metadata Link
    ESRI: World Cloud Free2004 ESRI® Data & Maps 2004World 1:3,500,000 Metadata Link
    ESRI: World with Clouds2004 ESRI® Data & Maps 2004World 1:18,500,000 Metadata Link
    ESRI: World with Ice2004 ESRI® Data & Maps 2004World 1:18,500,000 Metadata Link