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  • USA USGS 100k Topo Map Boundaries

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  • Geological Map of Italy 1:100000
  • Mapa Curvas de Nivel 100k
  • Laos Topo 100k North

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  • Animal or Plant Disease, Plant disease and insect pest survey data aggregated to county level., Published in 2009, Smaller than 1:100000 scale, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection.
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM), 1:250,000 scale USGS Digital Elevation Model clipped to state boundary at 100 meter pixel resolution. (No metadata available at this time.), Published in 1997, Smaller than 1:100000 scale, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.
  • Zip Codes, This Layer was originally created as a 10-county dataset, then recently expanded to its current extent. In many cases, the boundaries have been significantly changed by ARC's GIS Division using a variety of sources to improve their accuracy, including ESR, Published in 2006, 1:100000 (1in=8333ft) scale, Atlanta Regional Commission.

  • NCSU Data Collection

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