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Title: "ArcAtlas: Reference Maps" (1996)
af_g_n.tif (Africa, general reference, north)
af_g_s.tif (Africa, general reference, south)
af_north.tif (Africa, physical features, north)
af_south.tif (Africa, physical features, south)
af_stref.tif (Africa, structural reference)
af_z_e.tif (Africa, zoomed-in, east)
af_z_s.tif (Africa, zoomed-in, south)

Keywords and Themes: Geographic Reference Grids
Filename Prefix: varies
Tiled By: Continent
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Mapped Drive Folder: /arcatlas/world/refer/
Total size of data files: 0 MB
Data Type: TIFF
Feature Type: Image
Coordinate System: Lambert Equal-Area Azimuthal (Equitorial)
Datum: unknownMap Units:

Spatial Extent: World
Resolution: Sub-Country
Source Scale: 1:11,000,000
Scale Note: 1:10,000,000-1:25,000,000

Created by: DATA+ (Russia)
Released by: ESRI
Content Date: 0
Published Date: 0

Collection Name: ArcAtlas
Physical Location:
Call Number:
Acquired Date: 0
Distribution Restrictions: NCSU USE ONLY

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Record ID: 593_AA96