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Data Layer GraphicTitle: "North Carolina Hurricane Evacuation Routes" (2007)
Description: Hurricane Evacuation Routes in North Carolina A hurricane evacuation route is a designated route used to direct traffic inland in case of a hurricane threat. This dataset is based on supplied data from gulf coast and Atlantic seaboard states. Each state was contacted by TGS to determine an official source for hurricane evacuation routes. GIS data was gathered from states willing to share such data. In cases where states were unable or unwilling to share data in this format, TGS requested that the states provide a source for identifying hurricane evacuation routes. The states usually identified a website that made this data available to the public. Hurricane evacuation routes depicted on non-GIS maps were digitized using aerial ortho imagery while referencing supplied maps and NAVTEQ_Streets_2006_Q3. Shape files that depicted hurricane evacuation routes were edge matched and merged with the digitized evacuation routes. All routes identified as primary hurricane evacuation routes were included in this dataset. If a state also designated secondary hurricane evacuation routes, they were included as well. Routes depicted in this dataset are dependent upon what each state identified as a hurricane evacuation route. Criteria used to identify these routes may vary from state to state. Homeland Security Use Cases: Use cases describe how the data may be used and help to define and clarify requirements. 1) A resource for emergency route planning purposes. 2) A resource for situational awareness planning and response for federal government events. 3) A portion of an evacuation route may be rendered unusable due to natural or man made disaster and rerouting of traffic is necessary. 4) An incident has occurred during an evacuation and first responders must quickly deploy to the area. 5) Public awareness.
Keywords and Themes: Disaster Relief, Emergency Transportation, Evacuation of Civilians, Express Highways, Hurricane Protection, Roads, Transportation
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Mapped Drive Folder: /cgia83/ncom200803/
Total size of data files: 1 MB
Data Type: Shapefile
Feature Type: Line
Coordinate System: NAD_1983_StatePlane_North_Carolina_FIPS_3200
Datum: North American Datum of 1983Map Units: meters

Spatial Extent: North Carolina
Source Scale: varies - see metadata

Created by: Techni Graphic Systems, Inc.
Released by: NC CGIA via NC
Content Date: varies - see metadata
Published Date:

Collection Name: NC OneMap - 3/25/2008
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Acquired Date: Downloaded Mar 25, 2008
Distribution Restrictions: Public Domain

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