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Title: "NCSU Campus: Topography (2 ft.)" (2007)
Description: Line shapefile of the topography (2 ft. contours) located on the campuses of North Carolina State University.
Keywords and Themes: Base Height, Elevation, Altitudes, NC State, NC State Campus, Topographic Maps, Topography
Filename: topo_2ft
Dataset Name: MainCampus06.mdb
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Mapped Drive Folder: /campus/vector/2007/geodatabases/gdb200703/
Total size of data files: 110 MB
Data Type: ESRI Geodatabase
Feature Type: Polyline
Coordinate System: Stateplane_North_Carolina
Datum: NAD_1983Map Units: Feet

Spatial Extent: NCSU Campus

Created by: NCSU Department of Transportation
Released by:
Content Date:
Published Date:

Collection Name: NCSU Campus Data
Physical Location:
Call Number:
Acquired Date: 200703
Distribution Restrictions: Public Domain


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Record ID: 3212_NCSUcampus

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