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Data Layer GraphicTitle: "Census Urban Areas" (2001)
Description: TIGER, TIGER/Line, and Census TIGER are registered trademarks of the U.S. Census Bureau. ZCTA is a trademark of the U.S. Census Bureau. The UA Census 2000 TIGER/Line files are an extract of selected geographic and cartographic information from the Census TIGER database. The geographic coverage for a single TIGER/Line file is a county or statistical equivalent entity, with the coverage area based on January 1, 2000 legal boundaries. A complete set of UA Census 2000 TIGER/Line files includes all counties and statistically equivalent entities in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Island Areas as of January 1, 2000. The UA Census 2000 TIGER/Line files do not include a file for Broomfield County, CO which became effective November 15, 2001. The Census TIGER database represents a seamless national file with no overlaps or gaps between parts. However, each county-based TIGER/Line file is designed to stand alone as an independent data set or the files can be combined to cover the whole Nation. The UA Census 2000 TIGER/Line files consist of line segments representing physical features and governmental and statistical boundaries. The boundary information in the TIGER/Line files are for statistical data collection and tabulation purposes only; their depiction and designation for statistical purposes does not constitute a determination of jurisditional authority or rights of ownership or entitlement. The files contain information distributed over a series of record types for the spatial objects of a county. There are 17 record types, including the basic data record, the shape coordinate points, and geographic codes that can be used with appropriate software to prepare maps. Other geographic information contained in the files includes attributes such as feature identifiers/census feature class codes (CFCC) used to differentiate feature types, address ranges and ZIP Codes, codes for legal and statistical entities, latitude/longitude coordinates of linear and point features, landmark point features, area landmarks, key geographic features, and area boundaries. The UA Census 2000 TIGER/Line data dictionary contains a complete list of all the fields in the 17 record types. In order for others to use the information in the Census TIGER database in a geographic information system (GIS) or for other geographic applications, the Census Bureau releases to the public extracts of the database in the form of TIGER/Line files. Various versions of the TIGER/Line files have been released; previous versions include the 1990 Census TIGER/Line files, the 1992 TIGER/Line files, the 1994 TIGER/Line files, the 1995 TIGER/Line files, the 1997 TIGER/Line files, the 1998 TIGER/Line files, the 1999 TIGER/Line files, the Redistricting Census 2000 TIGER/Line files, and the Census 2000 TIGER/Line files.
Keywords and Themes: Urban Areas
Filename Prefix: urbnarea
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Mapped Drive Folder: /cgia83/ncom200703/
Total size of data files: 1.44000 MB
Data Type: Shapefile
Feature Type: Polygon
Coordinate System: NAD_1983_StatePlane_North_Carolina_FIPS_3200
Datum: North American Datum of 1983Map Units: Meters

Spatial Extent: North Carolina

Created by: U.S. Department of Commerce U.S. Census Bureau Geography Division
Released by: NC Center for Geographic Information & Analysis
Content Date:
Published Date:

Collection Name: NC OneMap - 3/12/2007
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Acquired Date: Downloaded Mar 12, 2007
Distribution Restrictions: Public Domain

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Record ID: 3084_NCOM0703