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Data Layer GraphicTitle: "GTOPO30 Elevation (Eastern South) (layer)" (2006)
Description: GTOPO30 Elevation (Eastern South) (layer) is a symbolized display presentation of the GTOPO30 Elevation (Eastern South) data set. The raster data of GTOPO30 Elevation (Eastern South) are symbolized to create the layer. The image is symbolized as graduated colors based on elevation. Map Tips displays the elevation value in meters.
Keywords and Themes: Elevation
Filename Prefix: GTOPO30 Elevation (Eastern South).lyr
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Mapped Drive Folder: /esri2006/ElevImage_World/srtm_void_filled/elevation/
Total size of data files:
Data Type: ESRI LYR - See Description for required data set
Feature Type:
Coordinate System:
Datum: Map Units:

Spatial Extent: World
Source Scale: 1:1,500,000
Scale Note: Largest scale when displaying the data: 1:1,500,000.

Created by: ESRI
Released by: ESRI; ESRI International Distributors
Content Date:
Published Date: 20061001

Collection Name: ESRI® Data & Maps 2006
Physical Location: Reference GIS Data Cabinet
Call Number: G70.212 .E77 2006
Acquired Date: 20061122
Distribution Restrictions:


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Record ID: 2932_edm06