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Title: "HAZUS: Hazardous Materials Sites" (2005)
Description: Hazardous materials are those chemicals, reagents or substances that exhibit physical or health hazards, whether the materials are in a usable or waste state. The scale, and hence the consequences, of hazardous materials releases can vary from very small, such as a gallon of paint falling off of shelves, to regional, such as release of toxic chemicals from a processing plant. Most hazardous materials incidents have immediately led to human casualties only in cases where explosions have occurred. Non-explosive hazardous materials incidents, which comprise the vast majority, typically have led to contamination of the environment and temporary health consequences to human beings. Hazardous materials releases can also lead to fires. With specific reference to flood, hurricane, and earthquake caused hazardous materials incidents, the data thus far indicate that there have been no human casualties. The consequences of these incidents have been fires and contamination of the environment, and have led to economic impacts because of the response and clean-up requirements. PBS&J, using the 1999 version of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Toxic Release Inventory database, processed this database for HAZUS.

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Keywords and Themes: Hazardous Substances, Hazardous Wastes, HAZUS
Filename: HPLF.mdb
Dataset Name: Hazmat
Tiled By: 50 US States plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico
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Mapped Drive Folder: /fema/HAZUS-MH1.1
Total size of data files: varies
Data Type: Geodatabase
Feature Type: Point, Tabular
Coordinate System: Geographic
Datum: NAD 1983Map Units: Decimal Degrees

Spatial Extent: United States, Puerto Rico - data for some states may not be available

Created by: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Released by: FEMA
Content Date: 1999
Published Date: 2005

Collection Name: HAZUS-MH 1.1
Physical Location: Reference GIS Data Cabinet
Call Number: QE535.2 .S34 H39 2005
Acquired Date: 2005
Distribution Restrictions: Public Domain

Note: Non-NCSU affiliates may obtain HAZUS data by requesting it from FEMA

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Record ID: 2528_hazusmh1