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Title: "NTAD: Non-Attainment Areas: Nitrogen Dioxide" (2004)
Description: Non-attainment and maintenance areas for the United States and its territories. To establish the spatial boundaries of each nonattainment and maintenance area.
Keywords and Themes: Criteria Pollutants, NItrous Oxide (NOx), Nonattainment Area
Filename Prefix: naa_ma_nox
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Mapped Drive Folder: /fedgov/bts/ntad04/polygon/naa/
Total size of data files: 0.05 MB
Data Type: ESRI Shapefile
Feature Type: Polygon
Coordinate System: GCS_WGS_1984
Datum: North American Datum of 1983Map Units: Decimal degrees

Spatial Extent: United States, Puerto Rico

Created by: Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)
Released by: Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)
Content Date: 2004
Published Date: 20040518

Collection Name: National Transportation Atlas Databases (NTAD) 2004
Physical Location: Reference Gov. Docs. CD Cabinet
Call Number:
Acquired Date: 20040901
Distribution Restrictions: Public Domain

Note: The data are provided to the user to replicate the analyses performed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Any formal decisions based on the data must be coordinated with the appropriate planning and/or regulatory agency. Acknowledgment of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) National Transportation Atlas Databases (NTAD) 2004 would be appreciated in products derived from these data.

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