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Title: "ESRI: U.S. ZIP Code Points" (2004)
Description: U.S. ZIP Code Points represents five-digit ZIP Code areas as points by placing the location using delivery based centroids and those ZIP Codes that have few or no street delivery locations or are assigned to a single organization such as a business which has street delivery. U.S. ZIP Code Points provides the post office name, types, and area for each ZIP Code location in the United States.
Keywords and Themes: 5 Digit ZIP Codes, Post Offices, Society, Zip Codes
Filename Prefix: zip_usa.sdc
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Mapped Drive Folder: /esri2004/data_maps/usa/census
Total size of data files: 3.676 MB
Data Type: ESRI SDC vector
Feature Type: Point
Coordinate System: GCS_North_American_1983
Datum: NAD_1983Map Units: Decimal degrees

Spatial Extent: United States
Source Scale: 1:100,000

Created by: Geographic Data Technology, Inc. (GDT); Dynamap/ZIP Code Boundary & Inventory Files v12.0
Released by: ESRI; ESRI International Distributors
Content Date: 20040316
Published Date: 20040301

Collection Name: ESRI® Data & Maps 2004
Physical Location: Reference GIS Data Cabinet
Call Number: G70.212 .E77 2004
Acquired Date: 20040630
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Note: To use this data requires software that supports SDC files.

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Record ID: 2438_edm04