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Title: "CGIA: Land Cover 1996, Statewide Raster" (1997)
Description: The North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, in cooperation with the NC Department of Transportation and United States Environmental Protection Agency Region IV Wetlands Division, contracted Earth Satellite Corporation (EarthSat) of Rockville, Maryland to generate comprehensive land cover data for the entire state of North Carolina. EarthSat was awarded the base/municipal area deduct contract in response to request for proposal (RFP) number 503768, issued 12 July 1995.

Twenty-two TM scenes were acquired from EOSAT Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) and used by EarthSat to produce land cover classification. See full documentation for this data layer in report, "Comprehensive Land Cover Mapping for the State of North Carolina: Final Report," March 1997, Rockville, Maryland: Earth Satellite Corporation.

Keywords and Themes: Land Use and Land Cover (LULC)
Filename Prefix: lulc96
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Mapped Drive Folder: /cgia83/lulc/
Total size of data files: 413 MB
Data Type: ArcInfo Grid
Feature Type: Raster
Coordinate System: State Plane 1983
Datum: NAD83Map Units: meters

Spatial Extent: North Carolina
Resolution: Sub-County
Source Scale: 1:24,000

Created by:
Released by: NCCGIA
Content Date: 0
Published Date: 0

Collection Name: CGIA
Physical Location:
Call Number:
Acquired Date: 0
Distribution Restrictions: NCSU USE ONLY

Note: An unfilterd version is located in the folder /cgia83/lulc/unfiltered/. See the Metadata for data filtering details.

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Record ID: 1127_CGIA

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