GIS E-Mail Lists for NCSU Users

GIS Announcement List

Name: GIS-ANNOUNCE (moderated)

Purpose: To facilitate distribution of information regarding geographic information systems software, data acquisitions, classes, workshops, seminars, and developments of interest to the NC State community.


To subscribe, send an email message to the list server at

  • In the "To:" field, type
  • Leave the "Subject:" blank.
  • To receive list mail at the address from which you're sending your request, in the body of the message type subscribe GIS-ANNOUNCE.
  • To receive list mail at an email address other than the one you're requesting the list from, in the body of the message type subscribe GIS-ANNOUNCE followed by the
  • Send the message.

Please do not include a signature file or other text in your subscribe message.

Sending messages

Send an email message to:

Any email you send to that address will be distributed to all others on the list. The list is moderated so that traffic should be kept to a minimum.


To unsubscribe, send an email message to The first line of the message should read:


Alternatively, you may email and and ask to be unsubscribed.

For Additional Questions and Comments:

Currently the list manager is Jeff Essic, who can be reached by e-mail ( or phone (515-5698) to address any questions or comments regarding GIS-ANNOUNCE.

Tips on Using Listserv Software

Send mail to and include as the first line of the message one of the following commands (the list server software will automatically reply by email):

Returns a more complete description of the GIS-ANNOUNCE list

Returns a complete description of list server commands

Information on listservs is also available at: