An overview of StreetMap

The StreetMap functionality in ArcGIS provides U.S. domestic and international routing and address geocoding capabilities when used with datasets created specifically for StreetMap. The StreetMap Find Route dialog box, which can be opened through the StreetMap toolbar, allows you to define stops by geocoding or by clicking points on the map. You can then create routes between these stops using a variety of options and view the driving directions for these routes. StreetMap also provides access to the StreetMap USA dataset, which is included in the ESRI Data & Maps media kit on the ESRI Data & Maps/StreetMap USA DVD. Any other dataset, domestic or international, that will be used with the StreetMap functionality will require data preparation with the ESRI Data Development Kit (DDK). DDK data preparation is available only through ESRI or selected ESRI data partners and international distributors.