Converting StreetMap USA data into other feature classes

About converting StreetMap USA data into other feature classes

With StreetMap USA data, you can convert the compressed street data into other types of feature classes, such as shapefiles, personal geodatabases, or file geodatabases. In ArcMap, selected StreetMap USA features or features within the visible map extent can be exported to another feature class.

How to convert StreetMap USA data into other feature classes

      1. Open StreetMap USA.mxd and zoom to your area of interest. To see the streets data, you must be zoomed in below 1:200,000 scale.

      2. In the table of contents, expand the Streets and Highways group layer by clicking the plus sign (+) next to the check box. At the bottom of the Streets and Highways list, you will see the two street layers. The Streets (Local) layer displays between the scales of 1:200,000 and 1:20,000. The Streets (Detailed) layer displays below 1:20,000. The data source for these two layers is identical, but the streets are symbolized differently.

      3. Right-click either the Streets (Local) or Streets (Detailed) layer, whichever is checked on, and select Data-Export Data in the context menu to display the Export Data dialog box.

      4. At the top of the Export Data dialog box, click the Export drop-down arrow at the right and select All features in View Extent. If you leave it set to All features, which is the default, ArcMap will attempt to export all 31 million street features in the United States. If you have previously selected a set of street features for the layer, the option to export Selected features will also appear in the drop-down list.

      5. Click the browse button at the bottom right to define the output shapefile or feature class. Select the output type from the Save as Type drop-down list. Browse to the desired location, specify the output file name, and click Save.

      6. Click OK to export the street features in the current map extent or the selected set of features.


      Depending on the size of the street dataset, it may take some time and require sufficient disk space to convert the data. If the map scale is 1:50,000 or larger, 5 to 10 MB of space should be sufficient.