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NC Local GIS Data Archive:
Columbus County

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NC State University Libraries staff are unable to answer questions specifically related to land and property in Columbus County such as ownership, deeds, or provide property maps.

We also cannot troubleshoot problems or answer usability questions about online GIS mapping websites.

For such questions, please use "Columbus County's GIS Links" directly below to find the appropriate local office and people to call or email.

Columbus County Map from Wikimedia Commons

Columbus County's GIS Links

NCSU Libraries Vector Data Archive

May include feature types such as property ownership parcels, street centerlines, jurisdictional boundaries, districts, zoning, building footprints, land use, and various other layers.

Alert   Access to the Geodata Server requires a valid UNITY ID by NCSU affiliated users only.
Off-campus users: This is a proxy link to the 'Columbus_County' ftp folder

  • 2001  More Info...
  • 2006  Downloaded Aug. 16, 2006 from county website
  • 2007  Downloaded July 19, 2007 from county website
  • 2008  Downloaded Aug. 22, 2008 from county website
  • 2009  Downloaded Jul. 23, 2009 from county website
  • 2010  Downloaded Aug. 20, 2010 from county website
  • 2011  Downloaded Aug. 29, 2011 from county website
  • 2013  Acquired from NC Base Data Project, Sept. 2013
  • 2014  Acquired from NC Base Data Project, Sept. 2014

Tip: With Internet Explorer, go to the "View" menu and select "Open FTP site in Windows Explorer."

NCSU Libraries Raster Data Archive

Primarily includes orthophotos (digital aerial photography)

Local/Regional Collections:
NCSU Libraries has orthophotos for Columbus County for the following year(s) and formats:

  • 1997 - SID
  • 2004 - SID
  • 2006 - SID
  • 2007 - SID
Contact Data Services for information and access to the data files.

Statewide Collections:

Additional Data Distributed By County

Orthophotos for the following year(s) are available for Columbus County from NC OneMap's Raster Download Site:

  • 1997

Columbus County has not yet contributed street centerline data to NC Street Map.

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