NC Center for Geographic Information & Analysis (CGIA) Statewide GIS Data Resources

AlertPlease Note: Most data layers are available for download from NC OneMap. Otherwise, non-NCSU affiliates interested in obtaining data must contact CGIA directly.

Data may also be viewable from the NC OneMap Data Viewer or other Interactive Mapping Sites.

North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (CGIA) is the lead public agency for GIS in the state. CGIA offers data, products, and services, administers the NC OneMap and is staff to the state's Geographic Information Coordinating Council.

The most current CGIA data is available to the public through Download from NC OneMap. At various times since March, 2007, data from NC OneMap's data download site have been downloaded to NCSU Libraries' Geodata Server and are available to NCSU affiliates. By having it accessible locally, it serves as a snapshot of the data at that time for archival purposes and temporal analysis needs, and is a backup in case NC OneMap's ftp server is down.

Older CGIA Data

Past CGIA data and data not available from NC OneMap (specifically soils data) are maintained on the Geodata server in the /cgia83 folder under various subfolders. In most cases metadata is available.

In 1999, CGIA released BasinPro version 1.0, with an ArcView 3 interface and an extensive geospatial database, intended primarily for water resource planning. BasinPro version 2.1 was released in 2001, and BasinPro 8 was released in 2004 to coincide with ESRI's release of ArcGIS 8. All BasinPro CD-ROMs are available for public use, and are stored at the reference desk of D.H. Hill Library under call number REF GIS Cabinet TD224 N8 B375. Versions 1.0 and 2.1 include both meters and feet (State Plane 83) shapefile versions of CGIA data layers, including some layers not in the CGIA corporate database. A full list of included data in BasinPro 2.1 is available in the BasinPro Data Directory (requires authentication).

The links below are shortcuts to the /cgia83 folder on the Geodata server via ftp on and off campus. You may also connect to the Geodata server from a computer on campus via mapped drive.

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