Business Analyst and Community Analyst


Business Analyst and Community Analyst are ESRI subscription services that are generously provided to academic institutions at no cost under our existing software site license (technically speaking, the UNC General Administration systemwide license, of which NCSU is a member). Access instructions are given below.

Business Analyst is a package of business and demographic data, analytical tools, and maps for making decisions about business locations, customers, and marketplaces. There are three components to our subscription: Online, Desktop, and Server. View a comparison chart of the Business Analyst products.

Community Analyst provides data about an "... area's demographic, health, economic, and business conditions using instant reports, interactive color-coded maps and queries." It may be used online, or by using an ArcMap desktop add-in.

Usage Restrictions

Alert ESRI permits use of Business Analyst and Community Analyst for educational classroom use only. Per Angela Lee, ESRI Education Programs Coordinator:

The Business Analyst Site License Add-On is intended for use by students and faculty in classes and research projects undertaken as part of coursework or a degree program. For other purposes such as faculty research or administrative use, Teaching and Research Lab Kit Licenses and Administrative Use Licenses of the Business Analyst products are available separately. The Lab Kit and Administrative Use licenses are substantially discounted.

- Highered-l emails, August 16, 2011 and October 17, 2011.

Business Analyst Online and Community Analyst

Both Business Analyst Online and Community Analyst provide robust analysis interfaces for using the products within a web browser. For details, watch these quick videos: Business Analyst Online | Community Analyst.

NCSU affiliates may access Business Analyst Online and Community Analyst at no cost. The steps are:

For Community Analyst, there is an ArcMap Add-in that allows you to interact with the data and generate reports and analyses within ArcMap. There is also an Introduction to Community Analyst free Virtual Campus online training seminar.

Business Analyst Desktop

Business Analyst Desktop is a stand-alone product that integrates with ArcGIS 10.x. The full package is a very large 30 Gigabyte installation, which may be a limiting factor for installing it on your personal computer. It also requires that ArcGIS 10.x already be installed and activated using the shared NCSU License Manager.

The installation package is available to NCSU affiliates on the Geodata Server under esri_arcgis/ESRI_Business_Analyst. You may download the entire installation package as a zip file (15 GB). By doing so, you will need the following free disk space: 15 GB to store the zip file, 30 GB to unzip the zip file (after which you can delete the saved zip file), and up to 30 GB (depending on how much you install) for the installation.

Alternatively, if you are using mapped drive access, you may install the entire package from the data server directory location.

After completing the installation, you will be prompted for a .sdlic license file. This, and a .lf file that enables geocoding, are available for download from the same location.

Business Analyst Desktop has been installed on the GIS workstations in the DH Hill Learning Commons.

Business Analyst Server

If you're interested in working with Data Services.