Where can I find a list of Hill Library room numbers?

First Floor

Room NumberLocationRoom Name
1124East WingMoreland Room
1132East WingGraduate Study Commons
1132AEast WingGraduate Student Seminar Room
1132BEast WingGraduate Student Group Study
1132CEast WingGraduate Student Group Study
1132EEast WingGraduate Student Group Study
1133East WingDigital Media Lab
1133AEast WingThe Studio
1133CEast WingMusic Booth 1
1133DEast WingMusic Booth 2
1133EEast WingMusic Booth 3
1133FEast WingMusic Booth 4
1144East WingFriends of the Library Office
1145East WingPresentation Practice Room
1145AEast WingGroup Study 1145A
1145BEast WingGroup Study 1145B
1215North TowerLactation Room
1325West WingQuiet Reading Room
1328West WingFishbowl Forum
1402South TowerGame Space

Second Floor

Room NumberLocationRoom Name
2108East WingInterfaith Prayer & Meditation Space
2112AEast WingITTC Lab 1A
2112BEast WingITTC Lab 1B
2113East WingITTC Lab 2
2130East WingAssembly Room
2131East WingMultimedia Seminar Center
2133East WingDigital Library Initiatives
2141East WingEscape Room
2144East WingEvening Study Room
2304West WingAuditorium
2310West WingFaculty Collaborative Conference Room
2312West WingFaculty Research Commons (includes rooms A-C, E-G, J-N)
2317-2318West WingVR Studio
2319West WingFaculty Senate Office
2320West WingFaculty Senate Chambers
2322West Wing3D Scanning Studio
2400South TowerGraduate Student Group Study 2400
2419South TowerGroup Study 2419

Third Floor

Room NumberLocationRoom Name
3400South TowerGraduate Student Group Study 3400
3419South TowerGroup Study 3419
3430South TowerGroup Study 3430

Fourth Floor

Room NumberLocationRoom Name
4400South TowerGraduate Student Group Study 4400
4419South TowerGroup Study 4419
4430South TowerGroup Study 4430

Fifth Floor

Room NumberLocationRoom Name
5400South TowerGraduate Student Group Study 5400
5419South TowerGroup Study 5419
5424South TowerGroup Study 5424
5425South TowerGroup Study 5425
5426South TowerGroup Study 5426
5427South TowerGroup Study 5427
5428South TowerGroup Study 5428
5430South TowerGroup Study 5430

Sixth Floor

Room NumberLocationRoom Name
6406South TowerGroup Study 6406
6419South TowerGroup Study 6419
6422South TowerGroup Study 6422
6424South TowerGroup Study 6424
6426South TowerGroup Study 6426

Seventh Floor

Room NumberLocationRoom Name
7406South TowerGroup Study 7406
7419South TowerGroup Study 7419
7422South TowerGroup Study 7422
7424South TowerGroup Study 7424
7426South TowerGroup Study 7426

Eighth Floor

Room NumberLocationRoom Name
8406South TowerGroup Study 8406
8419South TowerGroup Study 8419
8424South TowerGroup Study 8424
8425South TowerGroup Study 8425
8426South TowerGroup Study 8426
8427South TowerGroup Study 8427
8428South TowerGroup Study 8428

Ninth Floor

Room NumberLocationRoom Name
9406South TowerBloomberg Lab
9411South TowerGroup Study 9411
9412South TowerGroup Study 9412
9413South TowerGroup Study 9413

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