What is FollowMe Printing the Libraries?

What is this new printer option appearing on my computer ?

You might have noticed a couple of new printers, called WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries and WolfPrint-Color-Libraries becoming available when printing from the computers at D. H. Hill or Hunt Library and when searching for computers in web print. These printers are virtual print servers that will store any job you send to them for up to 12 hours. You can then release the job and print it from any of the FollowMe printers at D. H. Hill or Hunt Library. This is part of a new service from OIT called FollowMe Printing

How does it work?

Uploading a print job from the web or an application works exactly the same as traditional printing. You just need to make sure you choose the printer WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries or choose WolfPrint-Color-Libraries for color printing.

In order to retrieve your job from the printer, follow the steps outlined here:

1. Swipe your All-Campus card in the card reader* on the printer to login. If your All-Campus card is also a Wolfpack One Card, use the red stripe.

2. Select Release Jobs on the screen.

3. The jobs you have printed to the FollowMe queue serviced by that printer will display on the screen. You will be able to either release all jobs or press the arrow to the right of a job name and release or cancel that particular job.

4. When finished remember to logout from the home screen.

For more information on printing at the libraries see our How to Print page.

Last Edited: Feb 9, 2018

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