What does it mean when I get the error, Access Denied: You have exceeded the global download limit? How do I fix it?

When browsing the Libraries online subscription content (e.g., online journal articles, e-books, etc), you may occasionally reach an error page with the following message:

Access Denied: You have exceeded the global download limit. Your account has been temporarily disabled. You may log in again in 30 minutes. Please refer to the Conditions of Use for more information.

This message is displayed by the Libraries' proxy server, the system that connects users to the Libraries' subscriptions on external websites. It is triggered when a large amount of subscription content is accessed in a short period. It's intended to prevent unreasonable use of subscription resources, but sometimes normal browsing can trigger the lockout.

If you encounter this situation, try the following remedies:
  • Wait 30 minutes. The lockout should automatically end at that time.
  • If you've waited 30 minutes and are still getting locked out, try clearing your browser history or using a different browser.
  • Try switching computers if you're able.

If you get the Access Denied message repeatedly and it won't go away, or if you consistently get the error despite modest browsing activity, Ask Us and we'll be happy to help.

Last Edited: Feb 9, 2018

If you need more help, please Ask Us.

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