I'm an OLLI (formerly ENCORE) member. What services does the NCSU Libraries offer me?

OLLI members can get a library card, check out books, use computers in the Libraries, and access online resources.

OLLI members have two options for library cards:

  1. Obtain an AllCampus card from the West Dunn building. Bring your card to any library to open your library account with this card. The number on this card (usually starts with 000) will be your Borrower ID.
  2. You don't have to get an All Campus card. If you are a current OLLI member, you can present a picture ID at any library and we will provide you with an 811 card. The number on this card (starts with 811) will be your Borrower ID.

Once you have your library card, you can borrow books. For more information, see:

Computers available for use by OLLI members are located on the Ground Floor of D.H. Hill Library. To log in, please ask a staff member at the Ask Us center. From the Libraries' computers, you can access any of our online resources. At Hunt Library, ask a staff member at the Ask Us center about access to computers.

From off-campus, or on a non-library computer, you can access a limited amount of our online resources through the library website. When prompted to log in, choose the option of NCSU Libraries Patron and log in with your Borrower ID and PIN.

OLLI members are not entitled to borrow laptops or other devices.

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Last Edited: Jun 6, 2019

If you need more help, please Ask Us.

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