I'm an alum of NC State - can I still use the library?

Alumni are more than welcome to access the library for research purposes.

You can use any of our print resources in the library, make photocopies, take notes, etc. - you just won't be able to borrow materials.

If you need to use the electronic resources you just have to come to the Ask Us desk and be asked to be logged into one of the guest workstations.

If you'd like borrowing privileges and off-site access to online resources you may be interested in a Friends of the Library membership. Please note that not all electronic resources are available to FOL borrowers.

You can also obtain copies of specific articles, book chapters, etc. through our document delivery as 'Non-NCSU affiliated individuals', at cost - more info here.


Last Edited: Feb 9, 2018

If you need more help, please Ask Us.

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