How do I reactivate an old class in Course Reserves?

You can reuse Reserves materials from an old class by importing them into a current or upcoming class


  1. Click on the name of the class and section you want to add files to
  2. Click on “Import Previous Class” on the left side of the top of the page



  1. Select the term in which you taught the previous class from the dropdown menu at the top
  2. Fill in your name or username for “Instructor” and/or type in the course number under “Course” and click “Search Classes”
  3. Find the class from which you want to import reserves.  If you aren’t sure if the item you’re looking for is in a certain class, you can click the “Preview” button to the far right of that class



  1. Once you’ve identified the class you want to import from, click the red button with its course number and section
  2. Click the box next to each item you want to import to mark it with a check.  If you change your mind about importing an item, click its box again so the check mark disappears
  3. Click “Import Reserves”



Last Edited: Jul 3, 2019

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