How do I increase my email and file space quota?

If you need more space in your K drive (also your My Documents folder) or email follow these steps.

Go to SysNews and click Login now under the User Info box at the top left of the page.

After you log in, return to the SysNews page.

You should now see a box labeled ITD Account Quotas. Under this, you can see your current file quota and how much of this is actually being used.

To increase your quota, click on Quota Manager. To increase your quota, click in any of the blank boxes on the right of the table under New Quota. Your afs space is the space associated with My Documents and your K drive. Type in a higher value (the default being 50 MB), such as 100 or 150 MB, and your quota will be increased.

You can have up to 350 total MB allotted across all three file spaces. You will have to purchase more space to increase your quota over 350 MB.


Last Edited: Feb 9, 2018

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